Risky ID is a product of Ideas Publishing Solutions

Risky ID was conceived as a product from the Ideas Publishing Solutions family (Florida-USA), the same organization that has trained thousands of professionals in compliance with Plus Comply.

Risky ID emerges in 2019 to offer a high-level solution to medium-sized financial institutions, independent professionals, SMEs, business owners, and regulated entities who must check names as part of the client’s due diligence.

Risky ID goes live with the support and proven track record of Plus Comply -known until May 2019 as Lavadodinero.com -, a virtual training and information center specialized in compliance issues, which was created in 1998 and has been used by thousands of professionals from hundreds of banks, regulators, stock companies, insurance, etc. from more than 30 countries.

Both products are part of the portfolio of Ideas Publishing Solutions, a firm based in Cape Coral (Florida – United States) since 2004.

The Risky ID platform integrates with the Dow Jones Corporation database, to provide accurate information on millions of individuals and entities included in more than 1,200 global lists, as well as politically exposed persons (PEPs), their direct and indirect relatives and associates. It also includes individuals who have been sentenced for financial crimes (money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion, fraud, etc.) on a global scale.

Since its creation in 1882, Dow Jones has been a leader in offering content and solutions for the global financial industry. Their commitment and corporate philosophy aimed at providing high-quality products are the same values that meet the business principles of Ideas Publishing Solutions.